Product Quality

Production LineGreat Plains Coca-Cola, being a part of the global Coca-Cola system, believes in producing product to the highest standards by using processes that ensure consistent product quality and safety for our consumers. We constantly monitor and test our products to make sure that they will be of the best quality and will meet your expectations. Consistency and reliability are crucial to our business because we want to give you the same great experience with every Coca-Cola product that you consume.

To ensure such consistency and reliability, Great Plains, as a member of the Coca-Cola system, is governed by The Coca-Cola Management System (TCCMS). TCCMS is the integrated quality management program, which holds all of Coca-Cola's operations systemwide to the same standards for production and distribution of all Coca-Cola beverages. It guarantees the highest standards in the management of product quality, the environment, and health and safety throughout the Coca-Cola system.

TCCMS has endorsement from all leadership throughout the Coca-Cola system. It guides our product safety and quality by integrating and aligning business and quality objectives with consistent metrics to monitor performance; integrating preventive action as a management tool, including more rigorous demands when planning new product and service introductions; incorporating Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) into our system standards; and defining problem-solving methodologies and tools to drive continuous product safety and quality improvements.

To stay current with new regulations, industry best practices and marketplace conditions, we consistently reassess the relevance of our product safety and quality guidelines in TCCMS. Given the increased awareness of the importance of food safety, not only in manufacturing but also throughout the entire supply chain, we are refining our requirements to further ensure that TCCMS embodies the most recent and stringent manufacturing processes.

In accordance with TCCMS, Great Plains Coca-Cola has established, implemented, documents and maintains a safety and quality system.