Mission Statement

Mission: Continuous Customer Service

  • Protect and enhance the value of our trademarks for all stakeholders via Continuous Customer Service

Goal: Continuously Improve our Customer Service

  • Create Seamless Strategic Alliances with both Customers and Suppliers
  • Set the Industry Benchmark for:
    • Quality
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Business Innovation
    • Corporate Image
    • Community Involvement

Motto: We Live to Become Better - Success is not Final, Failure is not Fatal

  • The bamboo tree grows 80 feet in the fifth year; we began our journey four years ago -- Time (as always) will tell, but more quickly now.

Strategy: Customer Focused

  • The origin of the word "Strategy" deals with military missions and a competitive focus. As our Mission shifts towards our Customers, our relationship must become more cooperative.
  • Alliance means common objectives for both Customers and Suppliers; Increased Thruput; Reduced Operating Expenses; Fewer Assets
  • Alliance suggests both improvement and optimization--
    • Matching a Supplier's Process Capabilities with a Customer's Requirements, How well the are matched, and how fast they improve measures the strength of the Alliance.
    • Process begets Strategy, and Strategy begets Process Improvement.
  • Our Process Capabilities add value for our External Customers in five ways:
    • Selling
    • Delivery
    • Merchandising
    • Production
    • Promotion
  • Our Process capabilities must be Continuously Improved
    • In as many ways as possible and as fast as possible
      • Variety is essential
      • Speed is critical
      • Quality is a requirement
      • Waste is not acceptable
  • Our Associates are Internal Customers
    • Equally as important as External Customers and all other stakeholders.
    • A Seamless Strategic Alliance with each opther is also necessary.
  • Profound Knowledge of these relationships and how they add value is a prerequisite for our Strategy.

Tactics: Process Focused

  • Our working environment must be a safe place, free of fear, where Interdeoendence is accepted, and Mutual Trust and Respect are expected.
  • Teamwork -- Growing, Learning, Sharing, and Working together must be encouraged in everything we do.
  • Functional excellence must be governed by the Shared Responsibility of all Team members. Win/Win solutions at the Moment of Truth require this.
  • Initiatives to improve Customer Serivce must be based on data
    • Customer Requirements
    • Process Measurements